闲着无聊翻译了几句诗,并附上其他版本的翻译。每句写在最后的版本是我自己译的。I translated some Chinese verses into English and attached translations of other versions. The final versions of each verse are my own translation.

1. There’re trees in mountains, oh! And trees will grow.
 We’re happy to see our prince, oh! But he does not know.
2. O uphill grow trees,
 On the trees boughs grow,
 O my heart goes to you,
 But you don’t know.
3. There are trees on the hill,
 There are twigs on the tree,
 I would cling to him,
 He clings not to me.
4. O, on the hills the trees grow,
 on the trees the boughs grow,
 and my heart goes to you,
 but you do not know

1. The breath of the Han
 Cannot be dived across;
 The length of the Jiang
 Cannot be navigated with a raft.
2. For me the stream’s too wide
 To reach the other side
 As River Han’s too long
 To cross its current strong.
3. Ah, the Han is so wide
 I cannot swim it,
 And the Yangtze is so long
 I cannot pass it.
4. Ah, how wide the Han is,
 I cannot swim across.
 Ah, how strong the Yangtze is,
 I cannot sail across.

1. O you, with the blue collar,
 Prolonged is the anxiety of my heart.
 Although I do not go [to you],
 Why do you not continue your messages [to me]?
2. Blue blue your collar,
 sad sad my heart:
 though I do not go to you,
 why don’t you send word?
3. Blue, blue, your collar is blue;
 Longing, longing is my heart.
 Even though I can’t go to you,
 Your whereabout not to impart?
4. O thou, with the blue collar,
 So panteth my heart after thee, my dear.
 Even though I do not go,
 Why don’t thou send a word?

1. There was a beautiful woman,
 Lovely, with clear eyes and fine forehead!
 We met together accidentally,
 And so my desire was satisfied.
2. There’s a beautiful lass,
 With clear eyes and fine forehead.
 When I meet the clear-eyed,
 My desire’s satisfied.
3. There is the beautiful lady;
 her bright eyes and high forehead how lovely!
 Meet by chance and so my desire was satisfied.
4. There is a beautiful lady;
 How charming her liquid eyes are.
 We meet together unexpectedly;
 O she is the one after my heart.

1. Sighing softly the autumn breeze;
 leaves fall on the ripples of Dongting Lake.
2. The ceaseless autumn breeze grieves;
 the Dongting waves with fallen leaves.
3. O why would thou, the autumn wind,
 So steadily, stoutly rave and rave?
 O’er the wavering waves of Dongting Lake,
 Trees are helplessly shedding their leaves.
4. O sighing softly,
 The autumn breeze;
 On the ripples of Dongting Lake,
 The fallen leaves.

1. Angelicas by the Yuan and orchids by the Li.
 I long for my love but dare not speak my thoughts.
2. The River Yuan boasts angelica emerald green.
 The River Li claims orchids fragrant and sleek.
 For meeting her I have a desire keen,
 Yet I can’t make bold to frankly speak.
3. White clover grows beside the creek;
 I long for you but dare not speak.
4. O, angelicas grow by River Yuan and orchids by River Li,
 I long for thee but dare not speak.

1. They came out not to return to where they belong;
 The battlefield’s so vast, their homeward way so long.
2. It’s a mission with no turning back;
 The path is long loaded with deathtraps.
3. They’ve been off for long, o not back they are;
 The plain is vast, o the road rolls afar.
4. O once they came out, they do not return;
 O the plain extends, and the way back in distant.

1. When autumn winds are sweeping clouds away,
 Leaves fall and wild geese fly on southward way.
2. Autumn wind rises, white clouds fly.
 Grass and trees wither, geese go south.
3. O the autumn wind rises and blows clouds away,
 Grass and trees wither and geese go southward way.

1. There is a lady fair
 I can’t forget, I swear.
 Not seen a single day,
 She makes my mind go stray.
2. A sight on beauty causes insomnia,
 A day in separation makes mania.
3. O there is a fair lady,
 who stamped in my mind indelibly.
 If I don’t see her one single day,
 I miss her crazily.

My heart is not wood or stone, how can I have no feelings?
Yet I bite my tongue and hang back, not daring to say anything.

1. People today can’t see the moon of yore;
 The moon today did light people before.
2. Men in our time do not see the ancient moon,
 But this moon did shine on men of yore.
3. Morden men have never seen the moon bygone;
 But for the ancients, the moon has once shone upon.
4. People today do not see the moon of yore;
 The moon today did light the people of yore.

1. Down the steps:
 Green moss, red trees.
 Inside the rain: sinking emptiness.
 Inside the moon: anguish.
2. Down the steps are green moss and red trees,
 They were sparse in the rain and sorrow in the moon.

1. How do I miss you?
 My thoughts run like the water in the West River,
 flowing eastward, never-ending, day and night.
2. Thinking of you, my heart is like the torrent of the river,
 flowing eastward day and night never to rest in slumber.
3. Missing thee, my mind runs like the water in West River,
 flowing eastward day and night, forever.

1. Time does stay; love does trail.
 The heart‘s like a net, a thousand knots tied.
 The night’s over; not yet dawning, the lamp’s died.
2. Unless the heavens mortal becomes, my love will never be laid to rest,
 My heart is a cobweb doubled over, tied and knotted with a million frets.
 The night is nearly over, the lamp has burnt out, the day hasn’t broken yet.
3. Heaven never grows old, nor will human love be ended,
 My gloomy heart is just like the net, intertwined with thousands of dead knots.
 Dawn has not yet risen at the Eastern window though the night closes.
 And a waning moon still hangs in the sky isolated. 
4. Heaven is immortal, and love is inexhaustible.
 My heart is like the twined net, tied with thousands of knots.
 The night was gone, and the east window is not light yet, with the waning moon still.
 (or: with the lonely lamp dies)

Enjoying peaches and plums, in spring breezes, we drank a cup of wine together.
Parted by rivers and lakes, on rainy nights, I faced the lamp alone for ten years.

A curvy moon is shining over Cathay.
How many families are joyous and how many are dismayed?
How many couples are living together?
Yet how many are drifting far away?

The carriage travels far away,
the shadow of horses sways.
Thou travel east to the east of the east mountain.
How can thou gallop to chase the west wind?
May I be the star and thou be the moon.
Every night, together, we shining bright.
Though the moon might dim for some time,
the star will always be bright.
Wait until thou waxing again,
glittering brilliantly, thou and I.

As the roc rousing from the northern ocean, as the phoenix flying towards the rising sun, you are carrying books and the sword facing the boundless road.

In the setting sun, the horns on the city wall are grieving.
O Shen garden no longer has the pavilions of the yore.
Under my heartbroken bridge, the waters are still green.
Once, thy stunning shadow has been here before.

Others are teasing me too insane; I am laughing that they don’t understand.

Innumerable tears flow for the land lost.
Who dares to say the world is vast?

These stars are not the same as last night.
Yet for whom have I stood in winds till midnight?

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